Personal Injury Lawyer Los Angeles cz.Law California

Personal Injury Lawyer Los Angeles cz.Law

Personal Injury Lawyer Los Angeles cz.Law as an attorney, standing up for the rights of injured people is our highest calling. We see firsthand how big insurance companies routinely refuse to accept responsibility and seek only to maximize their profits. Fortunately, our firm is equipped to handle the most challenging cases. We have handled all types of lawsuits and are highly skilled at analyzing complicated cases.

Daniel Benji is a personal injury lawyer

Daniel Benji is a Personal Injury Lawyer Los Angeles cz.Law with experience litigating all types of accident cases throughout California. He began his legal career as a law clerk for Carpenter & Zuckerman and soon became a legal representative. He later served as the managing attorney of the firm’s Orange County office. In 2018, he was named a partner at CZ Law.

Benji earned his law degree from Southwestern School of Law in 2011 and graduated in the top 10% of his class. He also served as a research assistant for Professor Norman M. Garland, a highly respected legal scholar and law professor of many current trial lawyers in California. He was also a member of the Law Journal and Moot Court. In addition, he served as a judicial extern for the legendary Consuelo B. Marshall, which gave him the chance to represent clients from all walks of life.

If you are considering hiring a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles, be sure to review their credentials. They are among the most highly-regarded attorneys in their field. Many of them have won millions for their clients. Some are even finalists for Trial Lawyer of the Year at CAALA.

Steven Lance Mazza is a personal injury lawyer

If you are looking for an experienced Personal Injury Lawyer Los Angeles cz.Law, California, you have come to the right place. Attorney Steven Lance Mazza has been practicing law for 35 years. He specializes in cases involving personal injury. Also he is a graduate of Southwestern University School of Law and the University of South Florida. He is also a member of the California Bar.

His past disciplinary history isn’t exactly stellar, either. He was charged with 40 felonies in 1997, including money laundering and capping. While his charges were eventually dropped, his files were seized and returned to him in two to three years. He also failed to provide an accounting for his clients and did not keep them updated with the state bar.

Lauren C. Martin is a personal injury lawyer

Lauren C. Martin is an experienced Personal Injury Lawyer Los Angeles cz.Law. She has represented injured victims in both state and federal court. Also she has handled cases involving all aspects of litigation, including discovery, depositions, and defense. She also handles trial preparation, case trials, and settlement negotiations.

Lauren graduated from the University of California, Irvine, with a Bachelor’s in History and a minor in French. She then went on to attend Southwestern Law School, where she completed the prestigious two-year SCALE program. While at law school, she was a member of the Women’s Law Society and the Criminal Law Society. She also served as a civil litigation research assistant. After law school, she spent a full-time internship at the Hardcore Gang Division in Los Angeles.

Before joining, Martin served as an associate at a personal injury law firm specializing in consumer warranty claims and fraudulent concealment actions. She has tried numerous cases, and has successfully obtained millions of dollars for her clients.

Asa Eaton is a personal injury lawyer

Asa Eaton is an associate attorney at Carpenter & Zuckerman, and he fights for the rights of injured individuals. He helps his clients recover from their injuries and obtain maximum compensation. Before joining the firm, Eaton worked as an associate attorney at an intellectual property law firm and as a law clerk for a lemon law firm. His background includes a passion for helping people and an interest in business and law.

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Pej earned a B.A. in political science at California State University, Los Angeles, where he graduated with honors. After graduating, he pursued his J.D. from Southwestern Law School, where he graduated in the top ten percent of his class. He served on the staff of the Southwestern Law Review and received numerous awards and honors. Asa also worked as a judicial extern at the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. He also served as a law clerk at the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, and he has been practicing law in the Los Angeles area since 2004.

If you have a minor accident that does not cause permanent injury or other significant damage, you may not need to hire an attorney. If your injury is not serious, you can negotiate with the insurance adjuster for a settlement before a lawsuit is filed. However, if your injuries are severe, you should consult with a personal injury lawyer. Getting an attorney who can ask lots of questions is essential.

Mario Martinez is a personal injury lawyer

Mario Martinez is a Personal Injury Lawyer Los Angeles cz.Law in the Los Angeles area who practices in the Legal Department of Carpenter Zuckerman & Rowley. He joined the firm as a law clerk in August 2017 and worked with the firm until he graduated from law school in May 2018. Martinez then passed the California bar exam, and obtained his JD from Southwestern Law School in May 2018. He enrolled in the evening program while working a full-time job. His personal injury practice has seen him recover millions of dollars for his clients.

After graduation, Mario decided to pursue a career in law because he wanted to represent people who have been injured by another person. Also after working for three different law firms, he became an accident litigator. After that, he founded his own law firm in the Rio Grande Valley. Since then, he has been representing Hispanics in a variety of personal injury incidents.

In addition to being a personal injury lawyer, Mario Davila has a passion for helping others. He has helped more than ten thousand clients, and his firm has expanded to multiple cities in Texas. His team of accident lawyers has helped hundreds of clients in a variety of cases.

Matthew Singer is a personal injury lawyer

As a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles, Matthew Singer has the experience and knowledge necessary to represent injured clients in a variety of legal matters. His combination of irrefutable arguments, charisma, and client dedication make him a successful trial lawyer.

Prior to becoming a lawyer, Matthew Singer spent years working in the music industry, where he focused on the systemic exploitation of black and brown artists. In addition to personal injury cases, Matthew Singer has worked on a variety of cases involving employment and civil rights. His passion for protecting the rights of the disadvantaged is what drives him.

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