Anupama Written Update

Anupama Written Update

Anupama Written Update is a five-star read. In it, Anupama admits that she’s not happy with Anuj and that she’s fighting with him in an unhealthy relationship. She also talks about her fights with Malvika and Akshaya.

Anupama confides in Anuj

Anupama confides in Anuja about the events at Malvika, and also tells him about her deepest feelings. She says it hurts to be stuck in the Shah family, and Anuj promises to be with her. The next day, Anupama is at Samar’s house for the housewarming celebration, and she confides in Anuj.

Anupama is overwhelmed when Anuj admits his love for her. She is shocked and falls in love with him, changing their friendship dramatically. Nevertheless, Anuj is grateful to have Anupama as his friend. Anupama feels bad for what her brothers and sisters say about her.

When Anuj and Anupama are invited to a family function, Anupama sings a song for him, revealing her feelings for him. As she listens to him, she blushes. She realizes that Anuj is the man she has been waiting for.

Anupamaa and Anuj decide to start a business partnership. However, Vanraj is jealous of Anuj and Anupamaa’s relationship. He even threatens Anupamaa with a divorce in order to win back Nandini. Meanwhile, Nandini’s ex-boyfriend, Rohan, tries to re-enter her life. The two become friends again, and Samar and Anupama Written Update are reunited.


The relationship between the two becomes even more complicated. The family members become close, but the dissimilarity between the two families results in growing differences between the two families. In addition, the Shahs and Kapadias form rivalry, and Vanraj and Samar accuse Anupamaa of cheating on them. However, Anuj tries to be the best father-figure and friends for her, despite his fears. Anupama Written Update confides in Anuj to avoid the pre-wedding ritual.

During the ceremony, Anupama is worried about the Shahs’ absence. Anuj asks everyone to wait outside the house. However, Barkha insists on letting the media in without ‘Grahpravesh’. This leads to a huge fight, with Barkha lashing out at Anupama, but Anuj calmly manages the situation and apologizes to Anupama.

Anupama fights with Anuj in a toxic relationship

Anupama and Anuj have been in a toxic relationship for a long time. However, the recent developments have sparked new drama in the relationship. Anupama’s marriage to Toshu was ridiculed by old friends. She wants to distance herself from Anupama because of this.

However, she is not ready to let go of her love for Anuj, and this makes her want to get rid of him. When her husband leaves her, Anupama wants to be revengeful. Anuj is not able to forgive her, and he does not want her to suffer in her marriage.

Anupama vows to never return to the Shah house. She is also unhappy with the way her children react to Anuj. Their relationship is not as close as it used to be, and the children are not happy about it. As a result, she becomes increasingly frustrated. Meanwhile, Anuj is also unhappy and irritated at her constant complaints.

In one episode, Anupama Written Update confronts Pakhi for her affair. Vanraj threatens to throw Anupama out of the house if she continues to be with Pakhi. Anupama asks her daughter to leave, but Pakhi insists that she should stay. The fight escalates when Anuj accuses Anupama of setting the wrong example. Vanraj is angry because Anupama married a rich man. In the end, she is forced to face the consequences of her actions.

While a relationship might have been strained due to the toxicity between the two, it is still important to ensure that you keep the relationship afloat for both parties. Anupama needs to make sure that the children are safe and not in danger. This will be the most important issue.

Anupama fights with Malvika

After a long time, Anupama Written Update gets angry with Malvika for not being loyal. The incident takes place in her house. Anupama is upset because Malvika has been cheating on her with Toshu for several times. Luckily, she is not going to let this situation go unnoticed and tries to find out what happened.

The fight between Malvika and Anuj is very cute. They are arguing and fighting but Anupama asks them to stop. A song called “Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna” is playing in the background. The Shahs are happy to see Anupama and Anuj together. However, Anuj and Malvika do not celebrate the New Year.

Anupama tries to explain to Malvika that Anuj is not her boyfriend, but her friend. She says that she has been a friend for 26 years, and Anuj will never leave her side. Despite this, Anuj refuses to change his decision.

The fight between Anuj and Anupama is also a result of Vanraj’s manipulation. He is making Malvika think that Anuj sacrificed everything for her. He is making her believe that Anupama is trying to make him dance for her. Meanwhile, Anuj is angry at Anupama for letting Vanraj take away his partner. He tries to convince her to stay away from Vanraj.

Anupama is worried about the fight. She wants Anuj and Malvika to patch things up. She thinks that she could use her brother as a shield for her shady ways. Malvika does not like that, so Anu warns her.

Anupama fights with Akshaya

After hearing Anuj’s remark, Anupama gets shocked and tries to defend Vanraj. She then argues with Anuj, saying that she would not leave him if it meant the children would be safer. When Anuj yells at her, Anupama starts to cry thinking about the kids. Anupama then refuses to listen to him and tells him that she can’t leave her children at home because of the fight between her elder brother.

Anuj, meanwhile, blames himself for leaving Malvika in that condition. He doesn’t know what to do and doesn’t want to leave her, so he slaps himself. But Anupama stops him from slapping himself and tells him to stop. Anuj realizes that his reaction was wrong and he apologizes.

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Next Episode

The next episode of the serial deals with the birth of the child. A couple of sisters were born in the same family as Kinjal. After Kinjal’s birth, she becomes pregnant. Kinjal is shocked and Anupama consoles her. She tells her that if she had a daughter, she would have another one.

After Samar and Vanraj’s marriage, Anupamaa’s husband is having an extramarital affair. He’s trying to mask it with a fake identity. He tries to avoid being caught because his father won’t support her. As a result, Anupamaa decides to divorce Vanraj. She wants to free herself from the caged relationship. She also finds out that her niece Kinjal is pregnant and starts to feel helpless.

Earlier, Katya would shiver at the idea of Anupama discovering her affair. Now, she fights with her husband in a childish way. Katya is unrealistic and expects the same from everyone.

Anupama fights with Leela

After the episode in which Anupama fights with Leela, Vanraj calls Anupama and asks her to take care of the baby, she tells him that she is not going back to Shah family. She says that she is sorry to Pakhi for being her mother and that she will never return there again.

The situation becomes worse when Rakhi starts to taunt Leela. Leela is angry and tries to pacify Anupama with a speech. But, she does not listen to her. She says that she wants to make her daughter like her. Anupama defends her daughter.

Leela then says she wants everything for herself and wants to sacrifice something. She cites the example of Lord Kanhaji who left Gokul for Mathura and never came back. Leela also says that the younger daughter is better off. Leela also says she wants Anupama to stay in the house with Toshu so she can be happy with her younger sister.

Anupama Father

When Anupama comes home, she has a difficult time getting over Vanraj’s decision. She tries to get rid of Vanraj’s father’s decision and tries to stop him from bothering her. Anuj, on the other hand, is furious that his mother has been insulting her.

Leela’s reaction is heartbreaking. Leela tries to make Anupama change her mind, but he won’t let her. She starts apologizing to Pakhi, despite the fact that he’s her mother. Leela, too, is upset and is shocked by the change.

Anupama has to decide whether or not she should leave her brother. She tells him that she’s not leaving him alone, but he does not want to be alone. She offers to take him back to her house, where she can rest and give him some time. Then she shows him a photo.

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