The St Helens Star

St Helens Star

The St Helens Star is a local newspaper that is delivered free of charge to homes in the St Helens borough. It focuses on headines, kids’ stories, and market analysis. The newspaper was founded in 1973 and has been in circulation ever since. The newspaper has some tough competition from rivals such as The Reporter.

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Newspaper’s new address

A newspaper is an important source of information for residents and visitors to a particular area. They publish news, opinions, and other material, including reviews of local businesses and services. In addition, newspapers include obituaries, birth notices, and graduation announcements. They may even include editorial cartoons. Other newspaper publications include radio and television listings, advice columns, and food columns.

It’s delivered free in the borough of St Helens

The St Helens Star is a free weekly tabloid newspaper that is delivered to homes throughout the Metropolitan Borough of St Helens. It is also delivered to surrounding towns in Merseyside and Lancashire. The newspaper has been in print for over 45 years and is now owned by Newsquest (North West), a division of the Gannett Company. The newspaper comes out every Thursday.

St Helens residents can order food from local restaurants on Uber Eats, a service that offers contact-free food delivery in St Helens. Users can search through the menus of different restaurants, place orders, and track orders minute by minute. The app will make ordering easy.

It focuses on headines, market analysis news, kids news

The St Helens Star is an English language newspaper published in England. Its coverage is varied and covers a wide range of subjects, including headines, market analysis news, kids news, and entertainment news. The newspaper also features stories about economics, industrial trends, crime, international business, and travel.

Entertainment news

If you’re looking for the latest in St Helens entertainment news, you’ve come to the right place. St Helens’ leading business figures have been pushing for a new venue to revive the town centre. But public response to the plans has been mixed. The mayor, John Tabern, has said the new venue would bring economic and cultural benefits to the town. He has also said the plan would create a new entertainment destination that will be a draw for locals and tourists.

The St Helens Star is an English language tabloid newspaper published weekly in St Helens. Its content includes a mix of entertainment and business news, as well as headines, kids and market analysis. It also contains sports and lifestyle stories. The St Helens Star is part of the Newsquest media group and is delivered free to homes in the St Helens Metropolitan Borough.

It has a tram

Trams are available in St Helens to take you from town to town. They are run by the St Helens Corporation. These vehicles are mainly used for local transport, but you can also use them for longer distances. You can check the current price of a trip on Moovit.

It has a football club

The St Helens football club was formed on 19 November 1873, and was named after the town’s founder, William Douglas Herman. The club’s first game was on 31 January 1874, when they played against Liverpool Royal Infirmary. In the early years, the club shared the St Helens Recs’ stadium. Before joining the National Rugby Union (NRU), St Helens played under rugby football rules.

It is a former coal mining town

There are numerous reasons why a former coal mining town would be a star in the Star of St Helens. The first of these reasons is the history of the area. The area was home to several collieries, which began closing down in the 1950s and were eventually closed in the late ’70s. This included the Bold Colliery, located a few miles outside of St Helens. The colliery closed after an accident in which five miners died and thirteen others were injured. The accident occurred when a rope came off a pulley while winding dirt. The men were unprepared, and their lowering was too late, which resulted in their deaths and injuries.

The town of St Helens is located in Merseyside, England. The area is covered by rolling hills. Its highest point is Billinge Hill, Click ‘Here‘ to read more about it.

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