Video Marketing Trends: Experts Highly Recommended

Video Marketing Trends

Video Marketing Trends: It’s impossible to ignore videos’ impact in the modern digital age. Even as internet services get more advanced and more platforms are developed, the video will likely remain one of the most widely consumed types of information found online. The trend of increasing internet video viewing will continue for some time.

Businesses are constantly shifting their focus to newer video marketing strategies and using them to the best of their abilities to keep up with the latest trends. If done correctly and according to the expert’s recommendation, video marketing your business can help you connect with customers on an in-depth level, increase customer loyalty, attract new customers, and raise brand awareness.

But given the abundance of video content that can be found online, how can a company ensure that its video tactics remain effective? How is it possible to differentiate oneself from the plethora of other possibilities? Therefore, the most important thing is not simply to create videos but also to utilize them efficiently so that marketing efforts are maximized.

To accomplish this, you need to be familiar with the leading video marketing trends for 2022 and develop tactics to capitalize on those trends. Let’s look at the top video marketing trends you should keep an eye out for this year and future.

7 video marketing trends that are highly suggested by experts in 2022

The popularity of live streaming will not diminish.

With videos dominating social media platforms, live video streaming increases client engagement. Streaming videos have been popular for some time, and that popularity will only grow during the remainder of 2022. It’s developed into a powerful platform for artists, brands, and influencers to share their work with the world without fleeing the comfort of their homes. The use of live video in video marketing is the most recent trend. Customers watch live videos for 3x times longer than they do pre-recorded ones, and live content creates 6x times more interactions than prefabricated material does.

They have become an effective means for companies to communicate with customers and form connections. Consequently, this has also altered our perspectives on media delivered via streaming services. Answering inquiries, providing information about your company or product, or showing viewers how you’re making something extraordinary in the background are all great uses for live streaming. This activity has increased credibility and, consequently, trust with your audience.

The best point is that you don’t need any specialized gear to participate in live streaming; all you need is a smartphone! Brands can increase their audience participation and gain an edge over the competition by using live videos. Most social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube offer live videos that businesses can use.

Vlogs are very popular

Vlogging is amongst the most addicting videos since it allows you to spend time and communicate with influencers simultaneously. People love to record their real-life stories on video and share them. Vlogging is becoming widespread among influencers and big businesses to communicate with followers and update them on changes.

Brand storytelling is an excellent approach to engaging with an audience and establishing your brand personality. Vlogs work wonderfully to achieve these ends and are a great supplement to a balanced digital marketing strategy. They gave a face to the company producing the content and a dynamic visual component to your stories.

Businesses are starting YouTube channels at an increasing rate to communicate their day-to-day activities, tales, top-secret recipes, and scenarios behind the scenes. It’s also vital to know how to edit YouTube video to convey the story of your brand’s events and experiences to assist consumers in understanding your brand and services. Additionally, you’ll be able to keep your audience wanting more of what you offer.

These companies are at the forefront of video marketing, constantly experimenting with new methods to reach the millennials and Gen Z. That provides room for innovative businesses to make waves this year and beyond.

Short-form stories on social media

Experts call it short and sweet for a reason. This particular video marketing method has proven to be very effective for audiences that are always connected but have a short attention span. Since stories only exist for 24 hours and can include direct marketing messages, they are more likely to be seen in their entirety by users scrolling through their feeds.

When you mix convenience with exclusivity, you can significantly influence the number of people you reach. Stories are casual and enjoyable. However, they can be very engaging and incorporate questions, like Instagram’s Q&A. You can also integrate polls to get ideas for your new product line. Additionally, you can request that your social media fans tag you in their Stories whenever they feature your products.

Shoppable videos

Since social media focuses on the user’s experience, it makes sense that interactive videos would be increasingly popular. Social media users are reluctant to stop scrolling to shop for a thing that captures their interest. Because of this, there has been a peak in multitasking video marketing trends where consumers may watch videos while doing something else. One such example is shoppable video content. Just like regular videos, they aim to capture and keep the spectator’s interest.

However, they will also occasionally display pop-up text or pictures that will connect to things for sale at just the proper times. Not only are eCommerce firms developing shoppable video content, but Facebook and Instagram offer shopping functionalities, too. This allows social media users to find shoppable videos, access more information, and buy without leaving the platform.

Make more SEO-optimized videos

Videos aren’t just getting more popular among consumers and people who use social media. Videos are 53x more probably to get on the first page of SERPs, so Google is also focusing heavily in that direction. Therefore, make sure to incorporate video into your website whenever it seems appropriate. You may make your content stand out by using targeted keywords in the title, description, and images. And include your keywords in the video’s narration so that they will appear in any transcripts associated with the video. You will be at the top of search engine results in no time.

Start using videos with no sound

In new video marketing trends, consumers no longer only use social media alone at home and have some time to kill. That means they are watching videos that come up in their feeds without the sound, so they don’t bother other people. Additionally, watching videos with no audio is rapidly becoming the norm. Remember that your videos need to be watchable even without sound if you want people to watch them, so keep that in mind while creating them. Think of ways to market that will work with and without sound. Captioning a video with talking or narration will make it easier for viewers to understand what is being said.

Start using raw content.

With the pandemic making it very hard to move around, making videos has also been challenging. With demand being the mother of creativity, new forms of video content have emerged and are doing better than traditional videos. As a brand, you can try out raw content you can make at home, like podcast interviews, instructive Zoom podcasts, etc.


To stay at the forefront of your field in video marketing, you must keep up with the most recent developments. Now that you know the top expert suggested video marketing trends start planning. Think about all these fantastic ideas and determine which ones you want to concentrate on. Customers get access to content through an interactive video that is simple to navigate across various platforms.

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