When the Imposter is Sus

When the Imposter is Sus

When The Imposter is Sus is a meme made by streamer Jerma985, which has a caption of “When the imposter is Susan!” It started to get a lot of attention a month after Among Us. This meme is a parody of JermaSus, the main character of the movie. You may have seen JermaSus on the internet, but do you know who she really is?

Among Us

If you’ve played the hit game Among Us, you’ll know how much fun it can be to play as an imposter. The gameplay is based on communication between players. You’ll have to communicate with your teammates to get ahead in the game and help them out if they need help. Thankfully, players have made the “Sus” word a part of their daily communication. There are even convenient shorthands for players to use while playing.

When the Imposter is Sus began in November of 2020, when a Redditor posted an image with the caption, “When the imposter is me!” edited from an image of the YouTube streamer Jerma985. The video became an internet sensation, spreading from Reddit to Twitter. It’s unclear what caused the image to gain so much popularity, but it’s largely believed that the creators of the meme used editing software to change the original photo.


When the imposter is JermA, you’ll know it. This meme series is based on an edited image of a streamer with an unnatural smile and a caption that says, “When the Imposter is JermaSus.” This meme originated on the Reddit /r/jerma985 subreddit, but has since spread to other social media, including Twitter and Instagram.

In the video game Among Us, JermaSus is a popular villain. The character was also featured on the popular YouTube channel Jermania. Her character was also featured in the game’s official Spanish Twitter account, which edited the image of JermaSus to make it look like the character. In the game, JermaSus is seen as a villain, but she’s a recurring character.

JermaSus meme

This When the imposter is JermoSus meme is based on an edited image of a popular streamer, Jerma985. The caption usually includes a funny saying like “When the imposter is Jerma-Sus.” The joke quickly gained traction in a subreddit, where the name originated, as well as on Twitter and Instagram.

JermaSus in Among Us

In the video game Among Us, the character known as Jerma has a creepy grin. In the game, players often refer to him as “Sus Guy” because of his freakish appearance. The term “Sus” is an abridgement of the word “suspicious”. It is used in the game to refer to a suspicious player. In real life, Jerma was a wandering spirit, who passed away from various diseases. Despite her odd appearance, she can talk like the rest of us.

JermaSus in Jerma’s streams

If you’ve seen one of Jerma’s streams, you’ve likely seen SusJerma. He’s an edited version of Evil Jerma with a creepy grin and a weirdly distorted face. These posts, often captioned with ‘When the Imposter Is JermaSus,’ have become quite popular in the Jerma community. Many fans also call him the “Sus Guy” and have begun using his image as a meme.

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“Sus” is an acronym for suspicious, and it’s a term often used by players in Among Us. Jerma’s streams are based on her YouTube channel, but the term actually predates her appearance on the platform. The term “Sus” refers to a person suspected of impersonation. During the third episode of Jermania 2021, an imposter appeared and pranked chat viewers.

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