Wellensteyn Jacke Herren

Wellensteyn Jacke Herren

Wellensteyn Jacke Herren is not an imaginary fantasy, but the company makes waterproof jackets for mountain climbers and other outdoor activities. The name translates as stone in the Nordic language, so it’s not fantasy. Its logo looks like a flag, but it’s made of stone. Despite the name, this jacket is not designed to be used with impragnierspray.

Jet Jacket Sport

The Wellensteyn Jet Jacket Sport is a modern, slim version of the classic fleece jacket. It features two zipper pockets on the inside, as well as reflective stripes on the back collar and sleeves. It is also climate-stable and comes with two interior pockets for storing small items. In addition to its practical features, the Wellensteyn Jet Jacket Sport can be easily washed. As its name suggests, this jacket is a perfect choice for sports and as an under-layer on cold winter days.

The well-crafted, ultra-light, and breathable microfiber-blend construction of the Wellensteyn Jet Jacket Sport makes it a perfect winter jacket for any activity. The sporty fit and contrasted piping on the reiss closures give it a stylish look while delivering comfort and warmth. The jacket is windproof and water-repellent, which makes it ideal for cold weather wear.


The Men’s Jacket Molecule by Wellensteyn is a stylish and durable winter jacket. The design is both comfortable and robust, and it features a special insulation for warmth. The jacket is also available in a wide range of colors and has many extras like handwarmers. To learn more about this jacket, visit the online shop. You can also watch a presentation video to see it in action.

The men’s Wellensteyn jacket is made of a water-resistant, atmungs-active material. The jacket’s windproof features make it the perfect warmespender. The jacket’s stylish design makes it an excellent choice for a man’s everyday wardrobe. A popular model is the Leuchtcraft. Another popular jacket is the Wellensteyn Seamaster.

The Men’s Molecule Jacket features practical details such as waistbands and cuffs. The long style of the jacket is a versatile choice for both work and leisure. In addition, it can easily be combined with a lassige outfit, whether it’s jeans or a steppjacke. Moreover, you can choose a jacket with stylish zippers.


The Canary Wellensteyn Jacket is a favorite among both men and women. This multi-purpose jacket is designed to keep you warm and dry while keeping you stylish. The jackets come with stylish details like ribbed sleeves and a high-closed hood. They are made of a unique material called ‘wellensteyn’, which means stone in Nordic deutsch.

Men’s Wellensteyn Jacket is a classic piece of outerwear that is designed to keep active men warm. Its removable hood is convenient and it is lightweight. It goes well with professional walking shoes and function hose. This jacket’s appropriate profile allows it to blend well with most outerwear. The brand is popular with both men and women and has several styles to choose from.

Jet Jacket

If you are looking for a high-quality, functional jacket that can withstand the elements, then you need to check out the Wellensteyn Jet Jacket. This jacket is crafted from high-quality materials and has many features that make it a great choice for the winter months. In fact, you can use it as underwear on cold winter days. It comes in anthrazit and black colors and is made of 100% polyester.

The lightweight MicroFleece of the Wellensteyn Jet Jacket has a sporty design that belies its warm properties. It also features zippered chest pockets and reflective cuffs. The jacket is made from a windproof fabric and has two linings. Those who are fond of running or other outdoor activities will appreciate the jacket’s lightweight and windproof construction. It also has practical pockets and zippers to keep their essentials safe and secure.

Molecule Men

If you are looking for a high-quality jacket that will protect you from the elements, look no further than Wellensteyn’s Molecule/MOL Men. Available in many color combinations, these jackets are a great choice for your active lifestyle. From the practical features such as zippered pockets to the stylish handwarmer, these jackets will keep you warm in any season.

The breathable, lightweight, and atmungsaktiv material of the Molecule Men by Wellensteel Jacket ensures complete protection from the wind. You can wear them for hiking, skiing, snowboarding, or any other outdoor activity. And with many styles to choose from, you’re sure to find one that suits your taste and style. It’s important to know exactly what you’re getting, so take a look at the available colors and models!

The Molecule Men by Wellensteel Jacke Herren are made of durable outdoor textiles and are available in a wide range of sizes. You can even get a larger jacket than you normally wear. These jackets come in sizes up to 62. And if you’re looking for a large size, Wellensteyn’s 4XL Men’s Jacket is a great option!

Baseball Men

For the men who play baseball, the Wellensteyn Jacke Herren Baseball men’s jackets are ideal for the sporty look. The jackets are made of a breathable cotton blend and have multiple functional uses. There are three different models of jackets, each with a specific design and style. The “Multifunktionsjacket”, “Baseball Men”, and the lassy and classic “Hudson” jacket.

The classic Wellensteyn Jacke Herren baseball men’s jackets have a classic look that will withstand years of use. These jackets are designed to keep the wearer dry and warm, with stylish details like asymmetrical hems, pockets, and adjustable cuffs. Despite being a classic piece, these jackets are incredibly comfortable to wear and are a great investment.

Another classic Wellensteyn baseball jacket is the renowned Brandungsparka, which features a high, closed collar and a long shape that harmonises the body proportions. The well-fitting, lightweight, and breathable Wellensteyn Airport Summerjacke is another popular style. The brand has also designed a version for the airport, which resembles the classic Armyparka. While the Wellensteyn Jacke Herren Baseball Men are still very functional, they are still ursprunglich, maskulin, and ursprunglich. As you can see, these jackets are ideal for outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, skiing, and golfing.


A stepp jacket is a type of winter jacket that keeps you warm and dry. A stepp jacket is usually made of polyester or a special blend of art fibers. It is windproof and highly stretchable. There are different lengths and cuts of stepp jackets. Longer ones are best suited for keeping part of the body warm, while shorter ones are more appropriate for a sporty look.

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Another type of Wellensteyn jacket is the Steppjacke. These are incredibly warm and versatile. The Wellensteyn company has several different styles for men, including hoodies, hooded and lined jackets. Men’s Wellensteyn winter jackets come in many colors and patterns, and you can find one that matches your outfit perfectly.

These men’s parkas are perfect for those looking for a rugged, functional jacket. The Steppjacke from Wellensteyn is especially stylish and offers many features. Moreover, it’s breathable and wicks away moisture. So, you won’t be too sweaty, even if you’re in the middle of a long winter hike.

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