Sommerferien Niedersachsen 2022

sommerferien niedersachsen 2022

Sommerferien Niedersachsen 2022 are technically unbinding. However, they are bound to be fun and a highlight for summer-lovers. To find out which events are being held in the state in the coming years, read this article. We will also go over upcoming holidays and other important events. So, start planning now. We hope to see you there!

Kalender mit den Ferien

For a more accurate overview of upcoming holidays in the state of Niedersachsen, look up the Calendar with the Ferien in Niedersachsen 2022. While many other German states have more holiday days than in Niedersachsen, this state does have two extra days in winter. For this reason, you can easily plan a holiday in Niedersachsen and avoid the traffic jams that can occur during the holiday season.


When is the next official holiday in Niedersachsen? The holiday schedule in 2022 is quite comprehensive, with sixteen days off and nine stages of vacation. Highlights include the Feiertag für Niedersachsen, Day of German unity, Heiliger Abend, Silvester, and Neujahr. The dates also correspond to the calendar of the local church. The following table summarizes the upcoming holidays in Niedersachsen.


If you’re looking for a great place to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s, look no further than the state of Niedersachsen. This second largest German state offers a wide variety of holiday options. You’ll find Christmas markets and holiday activities galore year-round, as well as a number of other festive events and dates. Here are some things to do in Niedersachsen during the holidays:


Schoolchildren in Niedersachsen will have Christmas and winter breaks in 2022. Winter break will start on 31 January 2022 and last until 1 February 2022. After that, schoolchildren will have to wait for the Oster break which will start on 4 April 2022 and last until 19 April 2022. These days will be spent at home or at the beach. If you are looking for a place to spend your next school holidays, then Niedersachsen is the place to be.


For those planning a trip to Sommerferien Niedersachsen in 2022, you might be wondering when it’s going to fall. The first official national holiday of the year will be on 7 August 2022, but that’s a long way off. If you’d like to know when this event falls, you can download the official Niedersachsen calendar here in ICS format. This format is compatible with mobile devices and calendar services such as Google Calendar.


The Unterrichtskalender für Sommerferien in Niedersachsen 2022 includes both school and holiday dates. The school year runs from September to June, with two weeks of winter break followed by Easter week. The Kultusministerium Deutschland decided the exact dates of the holidays for each group of landers. The summer holidays are a significant time of year for schools in Niedersachsen, and are often celebrated across Germany and the rest of Europe.


Familieskalender for Summerferien Niedersachsen 2023 will help you plan your summer vacations with your family. This handy calendar will help you organize household events and activities and is a must have for everyday use. Depending on which federal state you live in, the Familienkalender for Summerferien Niedersachsen 2023 may differ from the 2022 version.


If you’re unsure about the upcoming holidays, you can check the Holiday Calendar Sommerferien Niedersachsen 2022 for Niedersachsen to get a clear idea of when school is off. There are many options for summer and winter holidays, as well as two half-year holidays. There are also two further holiday days to consider: the Easter holiday and the Pfingstferien. The following table gives you an overview of the holiday calendar for 2022.

63 Ferientage

Whether you want to visit the infamous Summerferien Niedersachsen or just want to enjoy the sunshine, there are plenty of ways to do so. The state of Niedersachsen follows a five-day work week and has 63 planned holidays, some of which are beweglichen (moveable holidays) in nature. These days are divided evenly throughout the school year.

63 Feiertage in 2022 in Niedersachsen

The number of beweglichen holidays in 2022 is not known as of yet, but the Kultusministerium in Niedersachsen sets the dates of holidays around 5 to 7 years in advance. In the summer, the holidays are based on decisions of the bundesdeutschen Kultusministerkonferenz, while other days are set by individual landowners. Since the work week is five days long, the 63 Feiertage in 2022 are distributed over the course of the school year.

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