Flame Broiler – Is it Worth the Extra Money?

Flame Broiler

Flame Broiler is known for its commitment to healthy food and is popular among consumers who want to enjoy healthier meals. This company has several locations around the country, and consumers love its selection of meats and poultry. The flame broiler is a convenient and affordable option for all your grilling needs. The menu is simple and easy to understand, and you can place your order online or over the phone. Here are a few things to know about the Flame Broiler.

Healthy fast food chain

In addition to offering veggie and protein bowls, Flame Broiler has no trans fat, dairy, or skin on any of their chicken. You can choose a protein bowl made from steak, chicken, or tofu. To make it even healthier, you can order it without a bun! Veggie bowls at Flame Broiler are topped with green onions and topped with their special “magic sauce.”

As the name implies, Flame Broiler is a Korean quick-service restaurant. It focuses on healthy, fresh-prepared foods at a competitive price. Whether you’re craving Korean fried chicken or a delicious steak, you’ll find everything you need on the menu at reasonable prices. Menu items include a variety of proteins and veggies with rice bowls topped with vegetables. Flame Broiler also offers gluten-free buns and vegetarian buns.

The fast-casual restaurant is currently expanding with nearly 200 locations across California, Florida, North Carolina, and Tennessee. Flame Broiler is an excellent choice for those looking for a healthy, fast-food chain that serves high-quality, delicious food. Despite its relatively new status, the California-based chain has become one of the most popular healthy fast-food chains in the country. Featuring healthy dishes like rice bowls made with plenty of vegetables, Flame Broiler is one of the few chains that promote a healthy diet without compromising flavor or taste.

If you’re looking for a fast-food restaurant that caters to the health-conscious crowd, you should try Flame Broiler or Waba Grill. Both restaurants use low-calorie and low-carb options and provide extensive nutrition information. Flame Broiler is the healthier option, but if you want to go for something more exotic, try Waba Grill. A little bit of teriyaki sauce can go a long way.

Simple menu

If you’re looking for a healthy but affordable catering option, look no further than Flame Broiler. You can choose from a menu that includes a range of meat and vegetarian options for your next event. While this franchise-based company does not have an online ordering system, you can still place an order for their delicious food without ever leaving your home. Flame Broiler’s menu has several vegetarian and meat options for your next event, and the prices are affordable for anyone’s budget.

You can order a bowl of rice for your dinner or a salad for your lunch. Both bowls and plates have healthy ingredients and a simple menu. For those who like a full meal, you can choose from chicken, beef, or half & half fillings. There are also several sides, including vegetables, brown rice, and steamed vegetables. If you want to go all out, you can order a bowl of rice, which includes chicken and vegetables.

You can also add your favorite spice to your food to bring the heat. Flame Broiler’s proprietary Hot Sauce is made from aged red cayenne peppers, which provide a slow and smoky burn. You can also order the Flame Broiler’s Jalapeno Hot Sauce (called Double Hot Sauce in the store), which features the fiery flavor of green jalapenos. This dish will surely spice up your next gathering.

The menu at Flame Broiler may vary from restaurant to location. Choose from meat and veggies, rice bowls, and other toppings to make your meal a delicious meal. In addition to their rice bowls, the restaurant also offers chicken, pork, and a variety of vegetables. The prices are reasonable, and their fast service makes it a popular spot for lunch. It also has a casual ambiance and cool interiors.


If you’re wondering if it’s worth spending the extra money on Flame Broiler, look no further. This popular chain has been in business since 1995 and serves delicious, healthy food. You can find their contact information and social profiles, as well as important links and details on the website. Whether you’re looking for healthy options or just want a quick bite to eat in a hurry, Flame Broiler is the way to go.

This Tex-Mex restaurant chain first opened in Fullerton, California, and since then has expanded rapidly. With over 180 locations in the United States, Flame Broiler has become an American institution for healthy and delicious chicken. Flame Broiler is known for its low prices and consistently high-quality food. You’ll find both a large selection and plenty of toppings for your meal. Flame Broiler offers chicken, pork, and white and brown rice options. You can find both vegetarian and non-vegan options. They are also popular with the lunch crowd because of their fast service.


The price of Flame Broiler varies from location to location. Prices vary based on the menu. Typically, the company charges a franchise fee of up to $25,000. The cost of starting your own business ranges from $256,732 to $408,514 depending on the location. Flame Broiler accepts complaints and reviews about its food and services. The menu is constantly updated to reflect the latest trends. And if you want to try Flame Broiler for yourself, there’s no need to break the bank. This fast-casual restaurant chain offers fresh, healthy food that’s good for your body and good for your wallet.

If you are wondering how to get a Flame Broiler delivery, you can browse the menu online. With a few taps of your finger, you can order and track the progress of your order. Another great option for ordering food from Flame Broiler is through Uber Eats. There are many options available on Uber Eats, and the prices will differ from the actual restaurant. You’ll want to make sure to check their menu first to avoid being surprised when you receive your order.

Online ordering system

Fortunately for customers and franchisees alike, Flame Broiler has launched an online ordering system. The system was born out of the restaurant’s innovative use of QR codes during a pandemic, and it is now available at more than sixty locations. Plans to roll out the online ordering system across its system by the end of this year have already led to the company testing delivery options. Flame Broiler also hopes to expand its online ordering system in the coming months.

To make ordering easier, Flame Broiler recently rebranded its menu board. This menu board features easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions on how to build the perfect bowl. Guests can also see the amount of protein in each bowl and its calorie content. Its assembly line has improved the entire experience. The online ordering system makes it simple for consumers to order from the comfort of their homes or office.

The new system allows Flame Broiler customers to choose from over 60 locations, and the restaurants’ food is delivered straight to their doorsteps. The company’s aim to promote holistic health in the world has led it to switch to environmentally friendly containers, and it sources kimchi from South Korea to add to its healthy offerings. This new online ordering system has also helped the chain save 235,000 pounds of plastic that would have otherwise gone to landfills

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