La Casa De Las Carcasas Has Been Acquired by ProA Capital

La Casa De Las Carcasas

La Casa De Las Carcasas: Spanish mobile phone case manufacturer La Casa de la Carcasas has been acquired by ProA Capital. The company has enjoyed unprecedented growth in its domestic market. Founded in 2012, it now boasts over 260 locations and employs more than 1500 people. ProA plans to expand its business across the world. To that end, it is launching a global expansion drive. The company will use the funds to increase production and increase profits.

Ana Jimenez-Zarco

Professor of economics at UOC and marketing expert, Ana Jimenez-Zarco, is responsible for creating a line of fashion accessories for the dead. The brand offers personalized logos and options for each item, creating a more personal connection with the consumer. In addition to collaborating with other local businesses and artists, Casa de las carcasas also produces items in collaboration with several other cult brands.

The artworks are made from Rubi, an abundant mineral found in the surrounding mountains of central Chile. Other minerals are found in the bodies of these dead animals. Rubi, a variety of sulfur, and Caledonia are also present. The artist sells these minerals for between two and three pesos per carga. The exhibition is a must-see for any art lover or animal enthusiast.

Estado del negocio en 2019

The Spanish company ‘La Casa de las Carcasas’ is expanding into other countries. It first started in Portugal, and currently has 21 stores in the country. In Italy, it plans to open 31 stores, with a view to opening more in other European countries. This company has ambitious plans for growth, and its online store will allow customers to customize their carcasses.

The Spanish market is booming in the moving carcass’ industry, and La Casa de las Carcasas has been growing at a rapid pace. Since it was founded in 2012, the company has doubled in size, with over 250 locations and nearly 1500 employees. It has recently partnered with ProA Capital to expand internationally. The company expects its stock price to double during the first half of 2019, and it is already worth more than a billion euros.

Nuevos mercados

The concept of Nuevos Mercados at La Casa de las Carcasas was born online. The company, specializing in fundas and accessories, offers a wide variety of reference products with patents. In 2014, the company launched a physical store in Madrid’s Xanadu center. Currently, it has 136 stores throughout Spain and Portugal, as well as a location in Hong Kong.

Despite its success in Spain, Casa de las Carcasas is set to expand internationally. In August, it opened two stores in Italy. Its goal is to open more stores in other countries, including the United States. The company has ten stores in Portugal and plans to expand into more countries. It is also planning to expand internationally, and it will focus its expansion efforts on Europe for now.

Estado del mercado en 2019

The Spanish company La Casa de las Carcasas has received a major investment from ProA Capital. The investment will help the company expand internationally. The company has been expanding steadily since it was founded in 2012, and currently has 260 locations throughout Spain and Portugal. ProA Capital has plans to expand the company globally in the next five years, which could be significant for its financial performance.

In the last few years, the company has continued to grow and has even partnered with a boutique of financial advisors. It has grown in sales over the last year despite the coronavirus and is now entering the transalpine market in full force. The company’s business model is based on reusing animal carcasses, so it is likely to grow.

Nuevos mercados en 2019

In 2013, the first store of the popular Cadena of fundas and accessories opened in Madrid. Since then, it has grown to a total of 130 stores in Spain and one in Portugal. It has nearly 700 employees and a growth rate of 40% per annum. Its sales now total more than 45 million euros a year. With this growth, the company plans to expand further in the coming years, with the goal of reaching 150 stores and more than five hundred stores worldwide.

La Casa de las Carcasas started with an online market and has since expanded into physical stores. Its fundas range in price from eight euros to twenty euros. Its founder, Ismael Villalobos, has become very mellow with his business. He constantly reminds his staff that the sun will always shine. His calm nature may be due to his short life. He has never had to deal with family issues and has been able to spend his time growing the business.

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