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Paris Match

If you’re looking for a French-language news magazine, Paris Match is the one for you. Paris Match covers major national and international news, as well as celebrity lifestyle features. Its staff reports on the latest events and trends in the world. And it’s free. While you’re reading it, you’ll have a great time learning about the latest news in Paris. And if you haven’t yet, it’s definitely worth a look.

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During the French revolution, Paris Match was an unstoppable force. Its layout was able to change according to the news, but its sheet-fed printing process meant that regular features were forced to remain on either side of the double-page center spread. The Paris Match issue of May 6, 1961, adhered to this structure. Featured articles in the magazine were almost exclusively in color. This gave the publication a distinct partisan voice in its coverage of the coup.

The June 15 issue of the magazine is comprised of a succession of news stories. The cover shows the first night of the barricades. The magazine is normally a mix of color and black and white articles. The table of contents lists a few featured articles from the current issue. The French version has no pictures of the Trudeau family on the cover, but the magazine does include the photos of them. In this way, it establishes the importance of the events it reports.


‘French Donald Trump’ has not yet announced a presidential bid, but is neck with his far-right rival Marine Le Pen, leader of the National Rally. Zemmour’s political career has been fueled by his attacks on immigration and Islam and has soared in French polls. But the political future of France may be at stake if Zemmour does not win this election. To stay ahead of his rivals, he must first win the election.

Paris Match is a weekly lifestyle magazine in French with a glossy feel and an edge on fashion and current affairs. The magazine has become an iconic French publication, and is sold at Newsstand, the only retailer in the country that sells it by the copy. The magazine also has its own website. You can buy individual issues or subscribe to the entire series. And if you’d like to see every issue, you can always subscribe to its print magazine.


Launched in 1949 by Jean Proudost, the Paris Match magazine is known for its blend of fashion, international news, and culture. Editor Roger Therond has edited the magazine for fifty years. The magazine was known for its photography, and the editors often sought out dramatic world events for their pictures. Today, Paris Match continues to be published every week and remains one of the most successful magazines in France. This article will provide an overview of the magazine’s content and how it is structured.

France’s leading newspaper has been a favorite of many for over 70 years. Known for its elegant treatment and timely coverage, the Paris Match has a devoted audience of more than 9.5 million readers. This award-winning magazine provides maximum entertainment, awareness, and alertness to its readers. The magazine is a great source of learning about British culture and language, and it is an excellent source for polishing your French. Paris Match covers everything from politics to pop culture, from sports to fashion to entertainment.


The audience at the Paris match was made up of a mixed mix of men and women. Most of them were engaged and possessed a College degree. Those interested in the “Paris match” were most likely to work in management, administrative services, and healthcare and medical services. While people from France accounted for the majority of the audience, Belgium and Canada also had large contingents. This is perhaps because of the booming economy in these countries.

The Audience at Paris match consists of around 3.7 million readers. The magazine covers major national and international news and also includes celebrity lifestyle features. In addition to that, the audience is growing with each edition. Moreover, readers are becoming more tech-savvy and reading more news on their smartphones. These figures are impressive, considering the fact that a large number of people have access to the internet. This means that there is a large and growing audience of French readers who are mainly interested in the Paris match.

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