Il Fatto Vesuviano

Il Fatto Vesuviano

Il Fatto Vesuviano is an online magazine covering local news. Its content includes multimedia content and local events. You can read the latest news on the website or subscribe to the RSS feed to get the latest updates. This web-magazine is available in Italian and English. It is published twice a week, with the latest news in the first half. It is written in a simple, yet effective, language.

Counting feriti parmi i piccoli avventori

“Counting feriti among the avventori” is a play on words. The word ‘feriti’ has many different meanings. The author, Margherita Guidacci, translated’stain’ as’sangue’, which means purpure. It is used both as a noun and verb.

Counting bambini feriti riportato politraumi

In Counting Bambini Fri riportato Politraumi, Simona Ventura narrates the story of a child who is rescued after being thrown from a moving train. She later reveals that the child was a victim of a political tragedy, and she was later taken to a politrauma hospital.

Counting Bambini Feriti Riportato Politraumi is set in Italy’s Alps. Il Fatto Vesuviano, The region is populated by cities such as Imperia, Savona, and Valle d’Aosta. In the book, the children are depicted in various stages of their lives, from when they were small children to when they were snatched from their mothers by armed men.

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