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Rack Room Shoes is an American footwear retailer headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. The company operates more than 500 locations in 36 states under two different names: Rack Room Shoes and Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse. The company was founded in 1974, and has been a leading name in the footwear industry ever since. This article will give you the lowdown on how to start using Dynatrace and AI-assistance to measure the health of your application. There are many other ways to measure the health of your application, too.


A company like Rack Room Shoes is constantly innovating. Its website analytics software, Dynatrace, allows the company to analyze user behavior in real-time. Dynatrace’s Session Replay feature helps them track their sessions in a movie-like format and has boosted their conversion rates by 25 percent. Similarly, It uses these tools to enhance their user experience. Dynatrace is a leading provider of website analytics software, helping many brands improve their online customer experiences.

The technology helps Rack Room Shoes IT team track user interactions with e-commerce platforms. With its capability to analyze individual clicks and touches, Dynatrace provides an unprecedented view of e-commerce sessions. With this technology, IT professionals can easily and accurately identify and prioritize performance issues. They can collaborate with other departments to make the most of the data they collect. With this insight, businesses can make better-informed decisions to improve their customer experience.

Dynatrace Session Replay

Using Dynatrace Session Replay is an efficient way to measure the effectiveness of an e-commerce website. It helps the retailer understand the journey of each customer from the moment they first land on the site to the point they make a purchase. The software records customer behavior in real-time and analyzes it for improvements. Moreover, this powerful solution helps Rack Room Shoes track customer behavior and increase conversion rates.

Using Dynatrace’s Session Replay module, the IT team can analyze the impact of each user action on the site. By recording and replaying specific sessions, the team can understand how clients interact with different e-commerce platforms and enhance their experience for all visitors. This tool is particularly valuable when implementing new functionalities that enhance the shopping experience for customers.

Full-stack observability

Dynatrace’s observability technology helps companies understand and improve the entire customer journey, including the time spent browsing and purchasing. With this solution, companies can personalize their customer experiences and improve conversion rates. Rack Room Shoes used Dynatrace to increase their customer conversion rates by 25 percent. They also use Dynatrace to track the performance of individual pages. Full-stack observability can also help businesses improve accessibility and user experience.

The company developed online storefronts for its footwear brands. Initially, the stores ran on an on-premise SAP Hybris deployment, but recently moved to a hybrid cloud environment based on SAP on Google Cloud Platform. The move to a hybrid cloud environment made it easier to roll out new functionality, increase the user experience, and boost sales. Unfortunately, the new environment introduced new complexity and made it difficult to maintain full-stack observability.


Dynatrace, a software intelligence company, has helped Rack Room Shoes improve conversion rates and accelerate revenue with its artificial intelligence (AI)-assisted analytics. With AI-assistance and full-stack observability, Dynatrace enables a company to gain a deeper understanding of the customer journey and its impact on revenue. To find out how AI can improve your business, read on. Then, get your hands on the AI-assistance solution for Rack Room Shoes.

The pace of retail industry transformation has accelerated in recent years, with entire supply chains becoming more digitalized. Rack Room Shoes, which had operated via a brick-and-mortar network for nearly a century, needed to become digital-first to stay competitive with its competitors. Luckily, it found a solution that would enable it to transform into a digital-first company. It also partnered with AI-assistance software developer Gigaset.

Retailer’s growth strategy

In order to meet this consumer demand, Rack Room Shoes adheres to high standards for style, convenience, value, and quality. They are committed to offering a well-curated selection of name-brand footwear and accessories at competitive prices. Their customer-friendly sales staff and return policies also contribute to consumer preference and loyalty. In addition, they provide a consistently satisfying shopping experience. The Retailer’s growth strategy for rack room shoes comprises multiple acquisitions, including Rack Room, Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse, and Sports Basement.

The company recently promoted Dawn Heath to director of integrated marketing and Julie Barr to vice president of human resources. Both women were previously directors of corporate communications at Rack Room Shoes. The new promotions highlight the Retailer’s commitment to increasing the number of women in senior management and accelerating internal advancement. Dawn Heath will be in charge of creating the company’s integrated marketing strategy, collaborating with the product team to implement the strategy. Dawn Heath has been with Rack Room Shoes for 14 years. She began as a marketing project manager in 2007 and now focuses on regional community programs and regional community engagement.

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