OK Diario is a Spanish digital newspaper founded in September 2015 by journalist Eduardo Inda. The publication’s editorial ethos is aligned with Spanish nationalism and neoliberalism. The motto of the publication is “El sitio de los inconformistas.”


OK DIARIO is a Spanish digital newspaper founded by journalist Eduardo Inda in September 2015. The website’s editorial philosophy aligns with neoliberalism and Spanish nationalism, and its motto is “El sitio de los inconformistas”.

Ok Diario’s editorial line leans more to the liberal side of the political spectrum. Its articles have sparked controversy and have earned it the label of an amarillist publication. The website has a number of social media pages. You can contact the company via email or by phone. If you have any questions or concerns, you can call OkDiario’s customer service line. It’s also possible to contact the media’s editors via the OKDiario website.

The website tries to avoid being a competitor to other Spanish digital newspapers. It combines a non-competitive editorial line with an active community of readers. Its motto, “El sitio de los incomformistas,” translates to “The seat of the incomformists.” Inda has been rated as the most popular digital newspaper in Spain. OKDiario’s popularity is determined by its content and editorial line, which are often sensationalized and barely true. Most stories focus on Inda’s pet issues, which are generally unrelated to daily life.

Editorial ideology

Spanish digital newspaper Okdiario has a strong editorial ideology that aligns with liberal views and Spanish nationalism. The newspaper’s motto, El sitio de los inconformistas, is a perfect example of this. Inda, who previously held a deputy editor’s position at El Mundo, contributed EUR500,000 to the newspaper. In addition to his own funds, the publishing company received EUR300,000 in loans from state public entity ENISA.


OKDIARIO has gained popularity in Spain and is the most read online newspaper. It is possible to activate notifications, which will inform you about new articles in your inbox. It was founded by Eduardo Inda in September 2015 and features an up-to-date editorial line that covers all political events in Spain and around the world. Earlier, Inda was the deputy director of the El Mundo newspaper, which has measured its popularity among users.

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The media organization is also widely spread in the television space. Its collaborators are a mainstay of Spanish political programming, appearing on all political channels. This increases their reach and influence. In addition to a wide range of political programming, OK DIARIO has a strong presence in the television space. However, the network has been under the microscope for some time and is still growing in size. Its main aim is to discredit Podemos and to delegitimize their party.

Conflict of interest

A conflict of interest is a situation in which an individual’s personal or professional interests clash with his or her obligations to the public. These conflicts can arise due to the nature of the relationship, rules and regulations of organizations, and even state and federal laws. Many factors influence human behavior, and it’s easy to become biased or influenced by power, prestige, money, or other factors. A conflict of interest can arise when a person is acting in an official capacity for personal gain.

During a recent Senate control session, Minister Calvino kept his poker face while promising to push through new European fund management taxes and launch Maroto to the President of the Government. Meanwhile, Senator Salome Pradas showed the information about the OKDIARIO website to the Senate. And the result was a conflict of interest! The Supreme Court has made a rule amending conflict of interest rules. This new rule will affect the way we do business and govern.

The League of Women Voters of Oklahoma (LWVOK) is one of the groups in Oklahoma that strongly supports the introduction of conflict of interest legislation. OK DIARIO They believe that the best way to achieve this goal is through a constitutional amendment. A uniform conflict of interest law should be applied to all elected officials and appointed officials, as well as to department heads responsible for policy decisions. It should be made available to the public so that the public can understand it.

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