Dentiste Paris Dentego

dentiste paris dentego

Dentiste Paris Dentego: The Dentego clinic in Paris is growing quickly. It is a very clean, hygienic and safe place to visit. The dentist, Benjamin Coyac, is very professional, dynamic and a l’ecoute. She takes her time. And if you need a filling, she is the perfect person to consult. In total, Dentego has 79 centres across Ile-de-France.

Centre dentaire tres propre respectant strictement les normes sanitaires

I have recently visited this Centre dentaire très propre respectant strictement ses normes sanitaires. I was very impressed with the facility and the services that were provided. Dr. Chaminadour is an experienced and qualified dentist who treated me for several dental procedures. His friendly and professional manner made me feel at ease during the procedure. I was also pleased with the way he handled a mutuelle dental issue that I had.

The dental chair is fitted with a tetiere to provide an ergonomic position. The dentist sits in a chair with a tetiere that confers the correct seated position and enables three-dimensional work. The height of the dental chair is set at about 25-35cm above the patient’s eye level, and there are no buttons or dials that are too prominent.

As a dental clinic Dentiste Paris Dentego, the cabinet dentaire must respect the smoking ban. To make sure the facility is smoke-free, a smoking ban sign is posted at the entrance. This ban is also applied to private offices. The centre dentaire must comply with this rule as it is considered an establishment of sante. In addition, the facility must comply with minimum staffing and qualification requirements.

The centre must meet all the necessary statutory requirements regarding the sterilizer. In addition, the steriliser must meet strict temperature and time limits. It should be certified as GDPR compliant. All patients’ consent should be obtained before the steriliser is used. This also applies to the new GDPR legislation. This law aims to protect the privacy of European citizens. If your patients are in need of dental services, you can choose a centre that meets their needs.

A HACCP plan helps you define and reduce the risk of contamination. It outlines cleaning zones and procedures. You must also know the composition of the cleaning products. This is an extremely useful document in the case of contamination. Aside from preventing the spread of disease, a HACCP plan also helps you prevent infection. There are no other dental practices that can match the high standards of HACCP.

Benjamin Coyac is tres professional, dynamique and a l’ecoute

I have been very satisfied with the services of Dr. Benjamin Coyac and his team at Paris Dentego. The dentists and assistants are very attentive and competent. Benjamin Coyac, a dentist at Paris Dentego, explains each procedure in detail and is always a pleasure to talk to. His staff is also highly competent and friendly.


TANASESCU, dentiste parisco – I can’t say enough good things about this dental practice! The staff is very attentive, caring, and efficient. I’ve had a lot of dental procedures over the past few years, and I’m happy to say that I’ve never had a bad experience! I’ve been to a number of dentists and I’m happy to recommend TANASESCU to my friends!

I had my first dental treatment at TANASESCU about a year ago. I was very nervous and apprehensive, but Dr. Martinez reassured me that the experience would be painless. My smile is now healthy and beautiful! I would never go to another dentist! Dr. Martinez has the highest level of training in the field, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone who wants the best possible dental care.

DENTEGO has a long list of complaints against it. The dentist doesn’t reimburse me for my dental treatment. The x-ray machine costs me 90 euros. I can’t even recover the x-ray results! I’ve filed a complaint with the Paris legal service and contacted a representative. The DENTEGO representative was unable to help me.

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