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Zara Home, part of the Inditex Group, manufactures and retails various housewares. The company began manufacturing textiles for home use in 2003 and currently operates in over 400 stores in 44 countries. Its product line has expanded to include everything from kitchenware and bath towels to furniture and bed linen. It is a good place to go if you want to add a designer touch to your home. Here are some tips for shopping at Zara Home.

Fabien Baron

With the launch of a new campaign, Zara has partnered with renowned art director Fabien Baron. The campaign stars Chloe Sevigny and Jose Marques da Silva in evocative imagery. The short film ‘The Last Line’ is the central point of the campaign, and is a perfect introduction to the new collection. Here are some of the best images from the film.

Chloe Sevigny and Fabien Baron teamed up to shoot the campaign in Portugal. The Portuguese city of Porto is home to the iconic Casa de Serralves. The film showcases the collection’s pared-down aesthetic and features Sevigny’s natural beauty. Featured pieces include rustic wooden armchairs, a Wabi-sabi-inspired ceramic vase, and classic glassware.

Fabien Baron is well-known for his films and commercial collaborations. In his latest short film, ‘Exposure’, the director and star Charlotte Gainsbourg collaborated to create an intimate, voyeuristic, poetic, and stylish space for the actress. In this new campaign, Zara Home provided the furniture and linen to gain the actress’ trust. For this fall 2020 campaign, Gainsbourg’s character woke up each morning to take photographs of herself.

The Zara Home collection pays tribute to the design history of the brand. The collection features classic lines and materials like natural linens and ceramics, along with a neutral color palette. The pieces in this collection are carefully curated, pared down, and edited. The collection is all about the basics, but with a touch of femininity. The collection is available today in stores and online. There is something for every taste, from contemporary to classic.

Chloe Sevigny

The latest campaign from Chloe Sevigny for Zara Home features a cinematic short film called The Last Line. Written and directed by Fabien Baron, the film stars the actress at home in the art deco masterpiece of Jose Marques da Silva. The film also showcases the brand’s new collection. You can check out the new collection at Zara Home here.

The campaign video follows Chloe Sevigny as she enters a massive mansion in a fog-shrouded villa. She then climbs the stairs, sits at the breakfast table, takes a bath, puts on lipstick, and rolls around the living room carpet. She is practicing her lines from the script. This is the perfect way to introduce the new Zara Home collection.

Chloe Sevigny has also modeled for Zara Home in several other collaborations. This latest campaign was shot in Porto, Portugal in the famous Art Deco mansion Casa de Serralves, built by Jose Marques da Silva in the 1930s. The campaign was shot in a mansion filled with Zara Home products. In addition to her modeling, Chloe also collaborated with Ikea, Vogue, and other publications.

Chloe Sevigny’s Zara Home campaign is a stylish way to introduce new homeware styles. The campaign showcases new styles of homeware and furniture, including the minimalist walnut armchairs, patterned wall paper, and stone jugs. Campaign also features an extensive tableware line featuring soft-toned ceramic plates and timeless glassware. Also campaign also includes a beautiful photo-ready candle collection.

Jose Marques da Silva

The latest fashion house campaign is set in the beautiful Casa de Serralves in Porto, Portugal. The campaign showcases new homeware styles and embraces a palette of earth tones. The campaign features a stunning range of ceramics, tableware, and soft textiles. It even features Chloe Sevigny in a beautiful t-shirt. The film is a definite must-see.

The film filmed in the aforementioned Porto villa is a must-watch. The art deco villa was built by Jose Marques da Silva in the 1940s and is now home to the Serralves foundation and museum. The actress plays a part in the film, but the actual design of the interiors is more striking. The result is a home filled with elegance. Stylish and glamorous, the new film will be released this September.

Vincnet Van Duysen

The new Zara Home + by Vincent Van Duysen collection was presented at the Paris design week by Marta Ortega. The collection will be monochromatic and will highlight the Belgian architect’s signature minimalist style. Van Duysen is an advocate of the “silent visual” and aims to inspire calm and spirituality in his clients. As such, he created a line of furniture inspired by nature and the elements of nature.

This collaboration between Zara Home and Vincent Van Duysen includes 19 pieces of furniture for the living room. The pieces in the collection are clean, geometric and modern, featuring neutral colours and natural materials. The focus of this collection is on the living room, and includes sofas, dining chairs, stools, rugs and lighting. A selection of pieces will be available for purchase in Zara Home stores on June 30.

Zara Home has become a treasure trove for consumers. The designer’s extensive archives include furniture, lighting, and home accessories. His designs are made from the highest quality raw materials and are made to last. Solid oak, leather, and Campaspero limestone are just some of the materials used in his creations. The collection can stand alone or flow with other furniture in a room. Zara Home also sells a range of decorative accents to add that extra personal touch.


In April, the Belgian designer celebrated his 60th birthday, and this collaboration with Zara Home will celebrate his legacy by bringing timeless silhouettes into modern living rooms. Inspired by his own work, the new collections aim to transcend trends and express his signature style. The collection will also feature lighting, textiles, and ceramics. With the launch of the new collections, Zara Home is poised to be a force to be reckoned with for years to come.

The first collection by Van Duysen is inspired by the evolution of Antwerp’s architecture. As time passed, the living room of the Antwerp designer evolved into a modern space with geometric shapes and pure lines. The collection is made of natural materials and neutral colours, enabling the furniture to blend into the surrounding environment. This minimalist approach is also reflected in the aforementioned accents and furnishings.

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