Back to School Necklace Safety Tips

Back to School Necklace

A Back to School Necklace is a popular fashion accessory that kids can use to show their independence. Unfortunately, it can also be deadly. If a child gets caught in it, the necklace can choke them as they struggle to untangle themselves. In fact, at least three children have died from choking on a back-to-school necklace. To avoid this tragic occurrence, be sure to keep these safety tips in mind while shopping for a necklace.


The eponymous Scholl necklace has many meanings, including wealth and worthlessness. The necklace is said to have originated in ancient Greece. It was worn by a pious woman called Madame Forestier, who had a rich friend. This necklace became a symbol of wealth and deathlessness when Mathilde lost it, and she borrowed large amounts of money to replace it. It took her ten years to pay it back.

The Scholl necklace’s popularity grew after students began expressing their thoughts online. It is a popular form of communication, and many necklaces have different meanings. Some are jokingly symbolic, while others have deeper meanings. In the world of social media, the Scholl necklace is often used as a slang term for suicide. Despite its cute, sarcastic nature, these necklaces often carry profound messages for those who are struggling with mental health and self-esteem.

Symbolism of independence

There are many ramifications of the symbolism behind a back-to-school necklace, especially when used to refer to suicide and depression. While these issues aren’t directly related to the necklace itself, they do have very real implications. Parents should discuss such issues with their children and encourage them to confide in trusted adults. In cases where children are at risk of self-harm, medical professionals should be consulted.

Significance of buying a school necklace

Buying a Back to Scholl Necklace is an excellent choice for a first-day-of-school gift for a young person. Whether it’s a playful piece of jewelry or an elegant neckpiece, a Scholl necklace is sure to please the recipient. The sentiments behind the necklace are timeless, but the reason for buying one may be a little different for different people.

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