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Isabel May

Isabel May is an American actress. She has starred in a number of television series. Most recently, she played the role of Katie Cooper on Netflix’s Alexa & Katie, Veronica Duncan on CBS’s Young Sheldon, and played the lead in Run Hide Fight. She is currently the narrator of the Paramount+ series 1883. If you are interested in learning more about Isabel May, read on!


Isabel May is an American actress and model, who was born in Santa Monica, California, U.S. She is 21 years old and is renowned for her role as Veronica Duncan on the television series Young Sheldon. She was raised in Santa Monica and has a huge fan base on social networking sites. Although, Isabel May is single, she has never revealed any information about her past or current relationships. Until now, she has remained away from controversy and rumor-ridden matters.

After completing the eighth grade, Isabel May discovered acting. However, she remained shy when auditioning for theater projects. She auditioned for three years before securing a role, but failed. She also decided not to pursue acting full-time while studying, so she could concentrate on her studies. In fact, she decided to pursue her acting career after graduating from high school and began her career. She is currently pursuing a career in acting and has already appeared in several films.

While being born in California, Isabel May’s success as a model and actress began in her hometown of Santa Monica. After attending Santa Monica High School, May sent a videotape for an audition for the TV show Alexa & Katie. She was later called in for a face-to-face audition and landed the role of Katie Cooper. So she has also appeared on the CBS sitcom Young Seldom as Veronica Duncan. Has also appeared in various movies including Let’s Scare Julie to Death and Run Hide Fight. Further, she has collaborated with various influencers including Dior, Burberry, and MAC cosmetics.


Born on 21 November 2000, Isabel May is an American actress. So she is best known for her roles in Young Sheldon, Alexa & Katie, and 1883. She is also an ardent fan of Bob Dylan. She has yet to reveal her parents’ names on social media. The actress went to a private school in California before taking online classes. She loved this idea, and began to focus on her classes. As a result, she became famous within a few years.

The actress was born on November 21, 2000, in Santa Monica, California. She currently weighs 56 kg and measures five feet eight inches. Her hair is long and blonde. She has brown eyes. While she does not have a rich family background, her modeling career has brought her a decent amount of money. Although her ethnicity is not known, Isabel May is of American descent. Her height and weight will be revealed when she starts taking part in more movies.

Isabel May is a stunning actress who is not married yet. She hasn’t revealed her love life on the internet. While she is not actively dating anyone at the moment, she is concentrating on her acting career. Her bio also contains some personal details, such as her hometown, education, and profession. You can also find out more about Isabel May’s body measurements. She is 5 feet, nine inches tall, and weighs 54 kg. Her bra cup size is 34 B and she wears shoe size seven. Isabel May has a fair skin tone and brown eyes. Her hair color is blonde.


The Gender of Isabel May is a mystery. She was born in California on 21 November 2000. While she has appeared in several television shows and movies, Isabel May has not revealed the identity of her parents on social media. She attended a local school in California. In her sixth grade, her teacher suggested that she take creative activities and online classes. Isabel’s parents liked the idea and she commenced to focus on her studies. After a few years, she has made a name for herself in the acting industry.

Despite being a child, Isabel May began acting in her early teens. She was the main character in the popular series Alexa & Katie. Was also cast as Zoe Hull in the run-and-gun television series 1883. So she received critical acclaim for her role. Her mother gave her beauty, so it was no surprise when Isabel May chose to be a model. Her acting skills developed in tandem with her mother’s advice.

As an adult, Isabel May makes a good income from various sources. She lives a lavish lifestyle, preferring to spend money in luxurious shopping malls and owning branded cars. Isabel May also keeps her home neat and tidy. She is a very interesting person. If you have ever wondered about Isabel May’s gender, you are not alone! There are several other interesting facts about Isabel May! Check out the full details below!


The actress Isabel May is 5 feet, 9 inches tall, and weighs about fifty-two kilograms. While most celebrities have tall heights and slender waists, Isabel May is shorter than most of her co-stars. That’s a shame, but it’s true – her height and weight are both surprisingly similar. That means we’ll all be able to tell her apart easily, no matter where she is standing in relation to us.

Actress Isabel May has a very petite height for a girl her age. She’s 5’9″, which is considered short by Hollywood standards. The actress began online schooling after completing her ninth grade. Before she landed the lead role in Alexa & Katie, she had no acting experience. Although Isabel May has achieved stardom, she plans to continue her education and attend college. In the meantime, she stars as Katie Cooper on her Netflix series Alexa & Katie.

Isabel May’s height and weight are well-documented on wiki biographies and other sites. She stands five feet, nine inches tall, and weighs 54 kilograms. Also has a short, slender body and is of European descent. And has a beautiful blonde hairstyle and a pair of brown eyes. Though she doesn’t come from a rich family, Isabel May has managed to make decent money with her modeling career.


While we don’t know the exact amount of weight that Isabel May carries, we can speculate about it based on her social media accounts. This model has over 585 thousand followers, and her Instagram posts are all related to photoshoots. She also has a Twitter account, and her fans can follow her on both sites. While Isabel May is a relatively thin model, her weight has a lot to do with her self-confidence and appearance.

As far as her weight is concerned, Isabel May weighs 58 kg. She has a thin body type, which means that her weight is normal for someone of her height. Her parents are supportive of her career and have never been open about her personal life. She attends public events on her own and hasn’t been involved in any scandals in the past. While there are many theories about her weight, one thing is certain: it doesn’t look like much! Isabel May’s weight isn’t excessive compared to other actresses in Hollywood.

Her slender body and curvy hips give her a pear-shaped figure. She wears a 34A bra size. She is 5’9″ and weighs about 55 kg. Her estimated net worth is $760,000 and she earns the majority of her money from acting. As she’s relatively new to the acting industry, we don’t know how much she earns each year. Hopefully, we will find out soon!

Eye color

The most prominent feature of Isabel May is her beautiful eyes. They are blue. In fact, Isabel May has one of the most striking eyes of all actresses. In addition to that, she also has the most beautiful complexion. While it is still unclear as to whether Isabel May has a boyfriend or not, the actress is single. Her bio includes information about her family, hometown, education, profession, nationality, body measurements, age, height, and weight. Additionally, it contains her zodiac sign.

The American actress, Isabel May, was born on 21 November 2000. She has a recurring role as Veronica Duncan on Young Sheldon. Was reportedly a talented young actress but did not get much attention from her parents. She has yet to reveal the name of her parents on social media. Her parents opted for homeschooling for her education, so Isabel could focus on her creative side. She auditioned for three years without landing a role. However, her sixth-grade English trainer was critical and suggested that her parents should focus more on her creativity. Her parents agreed and arranged for her to take classes online starting in the tenth grade.

Compared to other actresses, Isabel May has a brownish eye color. She is petite and has light brown eyes, as well as shiny blonde hair. Her body is slender and fit. Also, she has a bra cup size of 34 B, and her shoe size is 7. Has a fair complexion and blonde hair. She is not famous for her looks, but her acting career has made her a successful actress.

Hair color

While most actresses have a natural red or brown hair color, many actors have more than one color to match their personalities. Isabel May’s hair color is no different. It’s a natural shade that complements her natural beauty. While she’s not exactly young, the young star is no stranger to the spotlight. She has appeared in numerous TV shows, including Young Sheldon, and she’s actively involved in social media.

In school, Isabel May’s English teacher encouraged her to become active in extracurricular activities. As she developed an interest in acting, her English teacher encouraged her to participate in the theatre. However, she was largely in the background during the school plays and began auditioning for other actors. Eventually, she was cast in the lead role in a film by another student, but she wasn’t shy about pursuing a career in acting.

While her acting career started overnight, Isabel May’s passion for books and reading led her to audition for the Netflix series Alexa & Katie. She and co-star Paris Berelc struck a friendship during their screen test and both women landed the lead role. The show’s writers wanted someone who could pull off both comedy and drama. As a result, Isabel May’s hair color has a lot to do with her personality and the way she portrays the role of Katie Cooper. Click here to explore more.

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