Septum Piercing: The Ultimate Guide

Septum Piercing

Before you get a septum piercing, make sure to learn as much as possible about the process. Learn about the healing time, the pain, and the jewelry options. Read on for the ultimate guide to septum piercing. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our expert piercers. We’re happy to answer your questions! If you are thinking about getting one of the most beautiful and aesthetically pleasing piercings on your body, we’re here to help.


There are several ways to reduce pain after septum piercing, but the most common way involves massaging the septum with oil or cream. Then, you need to insert an insertion pin one or two gauges larger than the original jewelry. Then, you need to push it through the septum until it lines up with the new plug. You can do this as often as every month, or as needed. You can also visit a doctor if you have any concerns or signs of infection.

The pain after septum piercing is caused by a buildup of bacteria, which is present in your hands. You should wash your hands frequently to minimize this and avoid touching your septum with any objects that could cause a reaction. If you don’t follow these tips, the piercing may result in an infection. Infection is a common cause of pain after septum piercing, and it can happen for several reasons. If you are allergic to jewelry or skin products, it can cause a reaction.

If you have a fear of pain, you should avoid having your septum pierced. While it is a popular procedure and can make you feel more confident about your appearance, it does come with some risks. The most common risk is the possibility of infection, but the chances of infection are extremely low if you keep the risk of infections down to a minimum. If you have been pierced previously, it’s probably best to visit a reputable salon before going through the procedure.

The most effective way to relieve pain after septum piercing is to soak the septum in a saltwater solution. This solution is gentler and less irritant than soap and can be used on the face or upper lip. However, you should avoid snogging for several hours because this can lead to oral bacteria and infection. And don’t forget to clean your septum after a piercing.

Healing time

Compared to other types of piercing, septum piercings are much less likely to get infected. Your mucous membranes are built to fight infections. The only possible risk is if you buy cheap jewelry that irritates your septum. In some cases, bleeding can occur, causing breathing problems and facial deformities. In such cases, you should see your doctor ensure the piercing is not infected or damaged.

If you are planning on changing the size of your septum piercing, remember to take your time. Your piercer will need at least four to six weeks to heal the cartilage. If you are planning to go up a full size, you must wait 1.5 months before stretching it. The longer the healing time, the higher the risk for infection. For this reason, you should avoid moving your septum jewelry more than twice a day.

Apart from proper cleanliness, it is very important to monitor the area after getting your septum pierced. The septum is prone to bacterial buildup, which can prolong healing time. Ensure that you clean the septum regularly with a sterile cotton swab to avoid bacteria from accumulating. Cleaning the septum twice daily is sufficient, but you must avoid over-cleaning it to reduce the chances of infection.

Once the septum piercing is healed, you need to practice good hygiene. Wash your hands regularly, avoid getting contact with other people’s germs, and minimize your stress. Keeping your general health in top shape will help your body heal more quickly. You should also ensure that your jewelry is clean and free of debris. It is crucial to wear clean jewelry so that the scar does not look unattractive.

Despite the fact that septum piercing is easier to hide, the actual process is not easier. You should avoid twisting the septum, because twisting can cause irritation and slow healing. Besides, you can also increase the chances of infection if you flip it over. But this technique is not recommended for everyone. In addition to the risks of injury and infection, you should consult with your piercer before getting your septum pierced.

Jewelry options

There are several jewelry options for septum piercing. Most septum piercings are done with circular barbell jewelry. Make sure to choose a high-quality metal for your septum piercing to avoid skin irritation. You can also flip your septum barbell jewelry upward to cover it up. However, do not move it too much, as this can cause complications. Instead, wear a circular barbell necklace or bracelet to hide it.

Septum jewelry options range from a simple hoop to a small, gold stud. You can wear a delicate silver stud, a tiny gold barbell, or a spike. These options can add dainty touches of glamor to your outfit. Earrings made of gold are an easy way to add shine to your septum. You can also wear them over a cream knit to create a bohemian look.

When choosing your jewelry, keep the following things in mind: the size and design. Septum jewelry is very important, as a mismatched fit can make it useless. Besides size, you should consider color, too. Smart purchasers will choose jewelry that is complementary to their color and hairstyle. Check the authenticity of the seller and look for reviews of products from others. If you are not sure, visit a store that sells septum jewelry.

A seamless ring is the easiest type to put in, but it is more difficult to remove. It looks more stylish than any other type, but it is not as comfortable to wear. It does, however, make you look very attractive. If you are looking for a subtle change in your septum, seamless rings are a good choice. You can opt for a traditional look or a more contemporary look. A septum ring can be hidden when not in use, and a flexible piece can be flipped up to cover it.

Another option for jewelry for septum piercing is a horseshoe barbell. This jewelry is similar to a barbell but is circular and easy to hide. This type of jewelry is also easier to remove and replace than more expensive alternatives. When you decide on the jewelry for your septum, remember to give yourself plenty of time for healing before you change it. A septum barbell can easily stretch, so be sure to give yourself more time.

Getting a septum piercing

Getting a septum piercing is a popular choice for a woman who wants to add symmetry to her face. This piercing is easy to conceal, and it does not leave any visible marks when you remove it. There are many different types of jewelry for septum piercings. However, you should know that you might experience a little pain after getting this type of piercing.

The first thing you should do is consult a reputable piercer. If you are getting the septum piercing done at a shop, you can ask them if they offer a retainer to help you hide the piercing. You can also buy a septum ring at an online store. Depending on its style, you can get it flipped inside out. Flipping it up can be a little painful, but it won’t affect the healing process. Make sure to clean the piercing on a daily basis and avoid a buildup of gunk. You may want to dampen the ring with a towel before flipping it up.

The next step in getting a septum piercing is choosing your jewelry. There are different styles available, but the most common is to massage the septum with oil before the piercer inserts the needle. After the oil is removed, the piercer will insert new septum jewelry, which should be one or two gauges higher than the original septum jewelry. The procedure itself should take no more than two minutes, and the healing time is usually around five to ten days.

After having the septum pierced, you should take special care of it to ensure a clean and healthy healing process. You should also keep the area clean by misting the affected area with a saline rinse. Remember to wash your hands thoroughly before touching the piercing, as dirt and germs can easily spread throughout the body. This is one of the most important parts of your care, so make sure that you keep your hands clean and sanitary at all times. Read more here.

After getting a septum piercing, you should make sure that you follow a daily cleaning regime. It’s important to wash the piercing at least twice a day, at night and in the morning. Make sure that you use a saline solution that is free of tea tree oil and contains only salt and water. This will help you to avoid infections and keep your piercing looking good.

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