Día De Los Abuelos – Celebration

día de los abuelos

The Día de Los Abuelos is a generalized civil celebration celebrated across many countries. While its origins are Christian, the day is gaining popularity among many people in recent years. The day is dedicated to adults who raise children. Here are some things to do to celebrate the day with your abuelos:

El 28 de Agosto

Many Hispanic countries celebrate the day of grandparents on the 26th of August, which corresponds to the feast of the San Joaquin and Santa Ana in the catholic liturgy. The saints were the fathers of the Virgin Mary and Jesus, respectively. Mexico also celebrates the day on the 28th of July, which coincides with the feast of San Agustin de Hipona.

The importance of the day is highlighted by the Instituto de Cultura Cristiana. This day is aimed at recognizing the contributions of grandparents to the development of the community and energizing the struggle for community recognition. It also celebrates the roles of grandparents in the family and society. These people can be very useful and are worthy of respect and emendation.

El Dia de los Abuelos es una celebracion civil generalizada

The first celebration of the Dia de Los Abuelos took place on 26 July in Guatemala. Since then, it has been celebrated on various dates: 1 October in Brazil, 2 august in Honduras, and 31 octo in Cuba. Several countries also observe the event, but Guatemala is the only one that celebrates it on the first of October.

Today, the Day of the Abuelos is an important part of the Catholic tradition. The day is an opportunity to honor a significant family figure. The enduring relationships that abuelos establish with their children make them a part of the family. Their special care and protection create a unique bond and remind us of the happy times we had with them. Love is a universal feeling, so it is only right to recognize this important person in our lives.

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Cuidar de los ninos y para los abuelos

If you’re thinking of becoming a foster parent, one of the most rewarding and valuable experiences you can have is caring for your grandchildren. But caring for children isn’t easy, especially if you’re not trained as a caregiver. Abuelos are especially vulnerable, so it’s important that you understand how to care for them appropriately. While your main concern is your children’s well-being, remember that they need time to rest and attend to their own needs. You can’t expect them to be able to care for their children 24 hours a day, so try to plan your visits accordingly.

A good reason to become a foster parent is that it’s a rewarding experience for both you and the child. It provides stability and a role model for children. But don’t take on this responsibility lightly. As a foster parent, you must be careful not to overextend yourself and risk losing the chance to spend quality time with your grandchildren. Cuidar de los ninos y para los abuelos. Read more here

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