Best Ways to Test Speed of Your Internet

There are many ways to test speed of your internet connection. Some of the most popular methods include using the Ookla speed test, Speedify, or M-Lab. But what’s the best way to test your connection’s speed? Let’s discuss some of the best options for you. Let’s get started. Read on to find out how to test your connection speed in a few easy steps. Also, make sure that your computer and router are working properly.


If you’re having trouble downloading or streaming videos on your computer, try using the Ookla test. This free service uses multiple servers around the world to determine your connection speed. It measures data rate in both the download and upload directions. In a perfect world, a user would be able to download 200 megabits in eight seconds. However, if your connection isn’t fast enough, you may have to change servers to get more accurate results.

Ookla’s speed tests require personal information from you. The software collects and stores your contact information, consent records, location, payment history, and employer contact information. While this information is not shared with any third party, it is stored for a period of time in order to process your request. While you are anonymous when using Speedtest, your personal information is stored for up to a year in case you decide to cancel the service in the future.


You can use Speedify to test your internet connection speed, download speed, and combined speed. Speedify will give you the results in seconds. You can also test different connections to see which one gives the fastest speeds. However, you should note that Speedify cannot connect to disabled connections. Hence, you should enable the disabled connection before using this service. If your internet connection is channel bonded, you should disable it before using Speedify. Otherwise, you can deactivate it to speed up your connection.

The Speedify app is available for both Android and iOS devices. The iOS version is more user-friendly and has more positive reviews. It has a 4.7-star rating on iTunes. It functions almost the same as the Android app, and both have the same features. There are three subscription plans: Individual, Family, and Team. The Individual plan is best suited for single users. The latter is best for teams of friends or family.


An M-Lab test speeds up the Internet to a representative location. Most speed testing sites test the user’s ‘last mile’ and local elements of the connection, while M-Lab tests the entire internet for overall performance. The usual speed testing sites confirm the user’s ISP connection speed, while M-Lab tests measure the interconnection between servers. However, you may have to run multiple tests to get accurate results. However, the test results are incredibly useful to determine what speed you’re experiencing when you connect to the internet.

The data collected from an M-Lab test is anonymous. It is a good way to see if your ISP is limiting your speed. The M-Lab method includes multiple types of Internet traffic, including video and audio. The results of the tests may differ from the actual speeds, so you should consult your ISP’s website for additional information about the test results. Despite the uncertainty surrounding M-Lab results, the data they provide can help you determine which ISP offers the most consistent speed and quality.

M-Lab for Mac

M-Lab for Mac is a speed test tool available for testing your Internet connection speed. You don’t have to bookmark or remember the test name. The app is free, and it collects no personal data, except your IP address. The only limitations of the M-Lab test include that it only measures download and upload speed from your computer to popular Internet content. For those who don’t use the Internet as their primary source of information, M-Lab may be a better choice.

The free version of M-Lab for Mac is much easier to use than its Windows counterpart. You don’t need to log in or sign up for anything to test your speed. It will display your upload and download speeds with just one command. It’s also more reliable than the other speed test tools, and you can use it on multiple devices. M-Lab for Mac is a good choice if you’re looking for a more comprehensive testing tool for your computer. Visit here to grab it.

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