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Carrie Best is a Canadian writer and civil rights activist. She founded a newspaper, was awarded the Order of Canada, and wrote a book about her experiences. Read on to learn more about this remarkable woman. Posted below are some interesting facts about Dr. Carrie Best. We hope you enjoy! Also, check out her obituary. We’ve highlighted some of her most notable accomplishments below. You can learn more about her work by continuing to read the rest of this article.

Dr. Carrie Best was a civil rights activist

Carrie Best was born in 1903, a time when racism was rampant in Canada. She grew up in a small town in Nova Scotia. Her parents encouraged her to study African-Canadian history and stressed the importance of education. Despite these conditions, Best was determined to make a difference in her community. After graduating from nursing school, she founded The Clarion newspaper. The paper remained in circulation until 1956 when it was renamed The Negro Citizen.

Carrie Best’s activism led to recognition and honor. Her contributions to human rights and civil rights in Canada were so great that she was named an officer of the Order of Canada. Her work led to numerous awards and honors, including a Lloyd McInnis Memorial Award, the first-ever given to a Canadian. She also received honorary doctorates from St. Francis Xavier University, King’s College, and the African United Baptist Association.

She founded a newspaper

When the 1920s rolled around, Carrie Best was one of the few Black journalists in the United States. Before her, blacks had little access to the press, and the only newspapers were mostly owned by whites. Best provided a black megaphone and made it possible for blacks to challenge the status quo publicly. She began investigating stories, and subsequently published them, forcing change and making the black voice heard.

Best was born in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, during the time of racial segregation. Her parents emphasized the importance of education and encouraged her to study African Canadian culture. So She started writing poetry at an early age and soon sent out her first letters to the local paper. She was dissatisfied with the representation of Africans in literature and found inspiration in the works of African American poets and historians.

She wrote a book about her experiences

In her autobiography, Dr. Best recounts the challenges that she faced growing up as a black woman in Canada. Career opportunities for young women were scarce and limited, especially for non-white women. Her choice of career included nursing, but no schools in Canada were accepting African-Canadian students. She refused to become a housekeeper for anyone, and instead, she married railway porter Albert Theophilus Best in 1925. In addition to her writing career, Best welcomed foster children into her life.

Born in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, Carrie Best struggled against racial discrimination and was raised by parents who stressed the importance of education. Best’s parents encouraged her to read books about African-Canadian history and wrote her first poem at the age of four. As a teenager, she began writing letters to local newspapers and read the works of famous black writers.

She was awarded the Order of Canada

Carrie Best was a Canadian journalist, author, and civil rights, activist. She was awarded the Order of Canada in 1974 and became an Officer in 1979. Best was also an Honorary Doctor of Laws by St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. Her legacy lives on with a scholarship named in her honor at the University of King’s College. Best’s autobiography, “That Lonesome Road,” was published in 1977.

Born in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, Carrie Best grew up during racial discrimination in Canada. Though Canada was less racist than the United States, it was a product of the discriminatory attitudes that pervaded society. Despite this, her parents encouraged her to pursue an education and to study African-Canadian history. As a child, Best was often denied opportunities because of her race.

She died peacefully in her sleep

Carrie Best was a prominent Black Canadian activist, writer, and publisher. Born in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, she graduated from high school in the 1920s and was a social activist and writer. Her parents encouraged her to study African-Canadian history and to read as much as possible. At age four, she wrote her first poem. In her teenage years, she started writing letters to the local newspaper. As she grew older, she became involved in her community and began to read the works of African-American poets and historians.

Best enjoyed a sense of humor and would get a good laugh out of just about anything. She was admired by many for her unwavering strength and the way she overcame the path God placed in her life. She loved her job as a financial accountant with Linde Corporation and considered her co-workers and her students to be family. However, her true passion for helping others was helping them, and was so deeply devoted to the cause. Visit here for more information.

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