Which Cannabis Business Social Network Should You Join?

cannabis business social network

There are several different cannabis business social networks available. If you’re looking for a way to expand your cannabis business network, read this article. I’ll discuss LeafedOut, Weedable, Grasscity, MJ Invest, and MJ Invest Pro. You’ll also learn about some of the challenges of working with these networks. But before you sign up for one, Read these tips to make the most of them.


The LeafedOut cannabis business social network, formerly known as LeafedIn, has become one of the most popular websites for those in the marijuana business. Founded in 2013, LeafedOut has more than half a million members and boasts over four million monthly pageviews. Unlike some of its competitors, LeafedOut functions as a legitimate platform for both cannabis users and business owners. Besides connecting like-minded people, LeafedOut also provides a platform for networking and job searching.

LeafedOut offers a live map to its users, where they can easily view and interact with people in real time. This way, they can view the location of the next person to join their cannabis business or start a career in this industry. Users are also allowed to zoom in and out of the map to get a better view of the area. LeafedOut helps users discover what is available in their area and how far they are from the next Cannabis merchant or career opportunity.


Weedable is a social network for cannabis businesses and consumers alike. Its mobile app gives users the ability to interact with profiles while on the go. Users can also access a wealth of content and updates from other businesses. There are no setup fees or long-term contracts. With hundreds of thousands of users and growing, Weedable is well-suited for both small and large businesses. Read on to find out why the cannabis industry should consider Weedable.

This cannabis business social network offers a wide variety of features and groups to help you connect with other cannabis businesses. Users can read reviews of products and share their own. It also has detailed information about strains, THC ratios, and effects. Its community of marijuana entrepreneurs makes it an excellent resource for those looking to learn more about the cannabis business. In addition, it is user-generated, so you can find answers to your questions there.


The Grasscity cannabis business social network was founded in 2000. This social network is comprised of forums and chat rooms where members can discuss cannabis-related issues, such as how to grow the perfect marijuana plant. Since its launch, Grasscity has accumulated over 600,000 members. Topics range from marijuana growing tips and tricks to CBD edibles and CBD-infused products. Users can also connect with other cannabis enthusiasts to learn more about the industry.

Grasscity is one of the oldest cannabis-specific networks. While it started as an online forum for marijuana growers, it has expanded to incorporate cannabis-related discussions on different topics, such as legalization, dispensaries, and abstinence laws. In addition to its forums, Grasscity also has a directory of dispensaries located near you. Aside from these, Grasscity also provides information on cannabis products and services.

MJ Invest

If you are a cannabis business owner, you should consider joining the MJ Invest cannabis business social network. This site offers many features to cannabis entrepreneurs, including featured business pages, interviews, and other PR tools. You can also find cannabis-related content on websites such as HempTalk. You can read articles, share videos and pictures, and even follow industry professionals. To join the community, all you need to do is register for free.

While it is difficult to get investors in the cannabis industry, more investors are realizing the tremendous growth potential of this industry. MJ Invest is just one of the social networks that help cannabis business owners connect and grow their businesses. You can also join LeafWire, a network of professionals focused on the medical marijuana industry. LeafWire also features a blog, where cannabis-related news and information are shared.


With over 25 billion dollars in sales, the cannabis industry is ripe for a social media platform. Duby, which is similar to Twitter, Instagram and Tinder, helps marijuana business owners find potential customers. Duby has over 250,000 users, and the app processes 100,000 likes and dislikes every day. It was created by a cannabis enthusiast, Russell Thomas, and his cousin’s husband, who were all recreational smokers.

The company plans to continue expanding to international markets as their membership grows. For example, MassRoots, a cannabis business social network, boasts more than 100,000 active users. The company is currently available in Washington D.C., Canada, the Netherlands, Jamaica, Guam, and the Virgin Islands. Duby plans to continue expanding as they continue to meet the standards of local regulations. Its users have the power to post photos and share information with other Duby users and can also post their own photos.


If you’re trying to build a reputation in the cannabis industry, you should consider becoming a member of r/weedbiz, a marijuana-related social network on Reddit. This text-based community is a great way to gauge consumer opinion and monitor brand mentions. Thousands of new social networks pop up every day, and they are becoming more niche and specific every day. If you’re looking to become a part of this growing community, consider signing up for a free account.

There are several ways to get involved in this community. If you’re just starting out, you can ask questions, provide value, and head off criticism. You can also learn from cannabis consumers and other cannabis business operators. You can even post questions, complain, and ask for help. Aside from being an excellent place to share your knowledge, r/weedbiz has some great features and events. Cannabis businesses can even find high-level investors here.

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